I am SLOW BEAR. With my music I aim to make a better place of this world. I hope these songs will, from time to time, make a difference for the good     [...]





17 February 2018 Café FiNiX Hasselt (Be)
03 March 2018 Krefeld Unplugged Krefeld (De)
04 April 2018 Libertad Leuven (Be)
14 May 2018 Bar Ö Turku (Fi)








Marina Kazakova Fall 2018 poetry performance tour, with musical accompaniment by Slow Bear

I wrote music for a number of film-poems by Marina Kazakova. I will join Marina to accompany her performances in Brussels (8 September 2018), London (22 September 2018) and Leuven (18 October 2018).


Out on WIENER Records and Dopey Sonofabitch Music



Slow Bear - Fucking Off (2017)

Video by David Van de Weyer for Daveyer Audiovisuals.



Slow Bear - Normandy and Me (2016)

Video by David Van de Weyer for Daveyer Audiovisuals.


FiNiX Hasselt, 21 October 2017.

Slow Bear Live @ FiNiX Hasselt


Impose Magazine did two very beautiful articles on the videos I made with David Van de Weyer. I thank and greet Michael Brummett for his nice and insightful words!

"An ode to peace & humanity, as a demonstration of songsmanship in its purest form. [...]

With a show-don’t-tell mentality, “Normandy And Me” is a stunningly inspired by-product and clear indication of the value in creating music for its own sake, outside of commercial interests. Undeniably, [Slow Bear] has achieved songwriting in its purest form.

This is the beauty of art, music, humanity, creation, and creativity. 5/5"


Suikerrock, Tienen, 31 July 2015.


A heart-warming article in national newspaper Het Nieuwsblad about my collaboration with filmmaker David Van de Weyer (in Dutch).

"Normandy and Me is an atypical video. Image and sound enter in a dialogue with one another, in a poetic production of six minutes. [...] In his unique style, David Van de Weyer of Daveyer Audiovisuals delivers saturated colors and mystic lighting. [...] The film contains direct references to wars from the 19th and 20th century. By using authentic attributes and historic footage a link is established between the contemporary sociopolitical context and events that caused terror and violence in the past. 'With this film we want to create the belief that we can make a beautiful place of this world again, wherein liberty, equality and brotherhood are not hollow concepts', say Van de Weyer and Slow Bear'. "
Slow Bear article in Het Nieuwsblad


Slow Bear - Un ciel qui danse - This land is your land

Video by Tuulia Tamminen and Steven Malliet.

I was asked to do a cover of the Woody Guthrie classic, so that people could sing along to it at the Hart Boven Hard marches in Brussels in May 2017. I am singing in 3 languages: English, Dutch and French!


Making of, Fucking Off video, 6 January 2017.


Slow Bear - Pale Morning Fades (2015)



Slow Bear - Are We Gonna Make It? (2016)

Video by Tuulia Tamminen, Luc Smeets and Steven Malliet.


Pale Morning Fades got some cool reviews from a variety of music zines. Cheers to all who gave it a spin and took the time to write down their thoughts!
"With strong influences of delta blues, grunge and lofi-rock, Slow Bear - on his intriguing debut- combines some of the purest and most honest genres from musical history. [...]

Due to its adventurous, risky and unbridled nature, Pale Morning Fades might take some time to acclimatize. It does not happen every day that one is served a record like this. On top of that, Slow Bear demonstrates that haunting atmospheric imagery and inspired songwriting need not necessarily contradict one another. "